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Favorite White Paint Colors

Time and time again, people walk in and ask us what our favorite colors. The next few blogs will be focusing on our favorite paint colors and why we love them here in Crested Butte. With subtle difference, there is a white paint color for everyone below! When trying to pick your favorite color - don't over think it and ask us for help! Read below to find out why these are our favorite white paint colors, time and time again.


The freshest white they have with literally no undertone. Some really bright whites tend to feel blue in a big space but not with Chantilly Lace. Its the color of paper, the color of primer, the perfect non color to use in your space. This is a go to for that fresh white ceiling or a bright crisp space when used on walls as well.


When you want a fresh white that has a little more warmth than Chantilly Lace, White Dove has been consistently a favorite since I started working here in 2004. We call it a chameleon - it has a little yellow and a little gray in it so depending on what other colors are in your space, it changes to look great with any wood tone or other color. This is a great go to ceiling color when you want contrast from your wall color but don't want it to be bright.


Despite it's name, Classic Gray isn't gray at all. It's just the perfect warm white. When you want your space to be bright and airy but not feel like a gallery, Classic Gray has enough body to it to just this. Trim, ceilings, walls, you name it, it just works.


As we move slowly away from white and grays paint color wise, I am seeing the resurgence of warmer whites and beiges (and dare I say COLOR on the wall again??). Natural Cream fills that gap perfectly when you don't want a tan house but you are over the gray look. It does live up to its name - it's warm and creamy without too much yellow or gray.


I love seeing the new trends and what designers are doing to upset the design world with paint. Despite that, we are still seeing customers in Crested Butte stick with neutral walls with the pops of color being in their other pieces in the room (rugs, pillows, furniture, etc) But as we see lead designers start using color again, I think people will be ready to paint over the white and bring some color into their life easily with a brush and roller.

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