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Neutral Exterior Color Schemes

Lets face it. A new paint job is expensive and honestly, you don't want to have to deal with it until you are either A, building a new house (yay!) or B, required maintenance (boo!) So when you are faced with this challenge of picking a new color scheme, get inspired by your neighbors, online, and when in doubt go neutral. A neutral exterior may seem boring but you can keep it exciting with other details like your front door, lighting, and outdoor furniture. And as you change your mind over time but your house doesn't NEED a new paint job, you can change that pop of color easily!

Choose the perfect neutral pallet that works year round

By painting the window trim and fascia the same color as the siding, your eye is draw to the rustic trusses, barnwood soffit, and the hand hewn logs on the bottom. And as the scenery changes from green, to the browns and oranges of the fall, to WHITE in the winter, your homes stays timeless.

A neutral body allows you to be brave with a front door color!

Don't be scared to be bold here. It's so easy to change compared to a whole new paint job.

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