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Favorite Gray Paint Colors

I've been doing this a long time. Not writing blogs, haha, but helping customers choose paint colors. The one thing that I have learned is to not reinvent the wheel when looking at paint colors. We are not trying to get published in the next design magazine here at Mountain Colors - we are just trying to make sure our customers pick their favorite color the first time. So you've heard it before and you will hear it again - when trying to pick your favorite color - don't over think it and ask us for help! But today, read below to find out why these are our favorite medium toned gray paint colors, time and time again.


Why do we love Rodeo? Manager Jacinda Mahan said it best - when you're lost, Rodeo is just there for you. It works well in every space. Not too brown and not too gray, any lighter will feel like white on the walls. It really doesn't have an undertone like some of our other favorite grays do - it is a great neutral pallet to allow other things in your room to stand out and let the walls go away.


Nimbus is our go to gray when someone wants a true gray without a blue undertone - which if you have ever sampled a gray, have probably found out is hard to avoid! Its crisp and cool - the perfect neutral when you are going for contemporary vibe in your home but don't want just white walls.


Here in Crested Butte, there are very few homes without big views, big ceilings, and tons of natural light. Most spaces actually get so much natural light that the previous grays I just mentioned can tend to almost read white when in large spaces. If you really want a warm gray that feels like a color on the wall, Thunder is the way to go. It is still light enough to go on walls AND ceilings if you want your ceiling to go away. When doing this, we love recommended using Regal Select Matte - a washable flat that minimizes drywall imperfections AND is washable. This saves you time so you don't have to cut in or change rollers and brushes.


Last but not least, Revere Pewter is probably our top selling paint color 5 years running. Warm and cozy, it is literally the color between beige and gray so we call it Greige! This is the perfect color when you want an updated paint color but don't want a gray house. With white trim, it holds a little more gray but put it next to wood and it warms right up. Similar to Thunder, it is a little darker so it feels less white when on large surfaces but it is a tad warmer. It has been known to read a little green in some light so if you don't want your color going green, skip Revere Pewter.


Asking your friends what you should paint your house is like asking them what to name your unborn child. Paint color is such a personal choice and it evokes a feeling. Focus on what YOU want, and ask us how we can help you achieve this. We always are happy to help with walk ins but you can also book online for a guaranteed one on one meeting in the shop.

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Liz Brower
Liz Brower
19 de jan. de 2021

LOVE this content!!

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