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Update your Door Hardware

Replacing the door hardware can be one of the fastest and most affordable ways to update your home. I love being an Emtek hardware dealer because they have so many on trend but timeless handles. Sometimes the amount of choices and combos can be overwhelming! I have a massive display of #Emtek hardware over here in the Showroom but even with their awesome online visualizer, sometimes you just need to hold it in your hand before you commit to buying a whole household of handles. They offer an amazing FREE sample program that really help you visualize some of the many combos out there. I can't wait to see what my client (and friend) decides on her handles. She knows she LOVES the 9" sideplate but she really needed to hold the handles up to her freshly painted black doors to make a decision.

The brass is so pretty against the black but some people worry, am I being too trendy? Replacing all 32 door knobs in her house will be a bigger investment. By going brass, you run the risk of getting bored of the brass as the trends change. But gosh, it's pretty dramatic don't you think? Going brass might be a risk worth taking for that wow factor!

But nothing is more timeless than a perfect matte black handle. This doesn't have the wow factor as the brass but man, I sure could get used to staring at the subtle contrast of black on black.

What would you choose???

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