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How to shop lighting locally with my website!

I am so excited that my new website is LIVE for you to shop today! It is similar to any other online site but there are a couple of quick tricks to help navigate it.

This is the home page where you will go when you google me -! Try any search term, I should show up somewhere - Lighting in Crested Butte, Crested Butte lighting, mountain colors, let me know how it looks on your end and if you can find me! Make sure you are clicking on the showroom, not the paint store! That is a fun site to check out but it doesn't allow you to shop lighting.

Step 1 (after you found my site!)

Click on the upper right corner labeled wish list and start an account. This is not a secure site - I am not asking for credit card info or anything so don't worry about making your password super complicated, and it's easy to reset in the future if you forget! The most important thing is to does this and log on - even if you don't really add anything to a wish list yet. What this does is allows me to see that you started an account and then I can set your discount code! Then you will be seeing YOUR price vs. the price you see when you are not logged on which is the protected price you will see on other sites. This way you can price check me and make sure I am competitive pricing wise across the Internet! Check out this link - I did a screen share to show you how to do it!

Step 2 START SHOPPING! (after you found my site!)

You can type in a part number if you saw something you love and search that way so you can see my price. But if you don't really know what you are looking for, you can filter it by brand, style, or type of fixture. Also - this is a great time to reach out to me and ask for some direction! This is a cloud based program so as you add items, I can see them on my end! If you found a fixture you love but it's too expensive or out of stock, I can see your style but then add some other items to your cart that are similar but are available or better priced!

Step 3 Reach out to me!

Once you are done shopping and ready to order, shoot me a text or email. I will turn this into my formal quote with taxes and bulbs added.

You can check out all of my lighting + hardware brands here. Unfortunately you cannot shop for hardware online, yet! But the website company that hosts the lighting page says it is in the works. As always, text, call, or email me and let me know how I can help!

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