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How to Sample

Sampling is the crucial to getting the right color for your space, interior or exterior! However, there is a technique to sampling colors in your space! Read below for the do's AND dont's on how to sample colors.

How to sample a paint color.jpg


Paint ONE color or hold up ONE large swatch next to something that will stay in the room - trim, baseboard, tile, woodwork. This allows you to see what the color looks in the space with the lighting  and other colors that are already there. This will help you visualize this color on a large scale! 


DO NOT, I say, DO NOT buy 10 samples and paint them all next to each other. Why?? All you do is see the DIFFERENCES in these colors. The important part of sampling the color is to see what it looks like in your space, not what it looks like next to another color that won't end up being in the room.

How NOT to sample a paint color.jpg

our tips + tricks to get the color right the first time! 

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